Well Pre-Abandonment

This is one area that has received a lot of attention in recent years in particular. In Alberta alone, there are roughly 237,000 drilled wells that will eventually need to be abandoned and the land remediated and reclaimed. About 80,000 of these wells are currently non-producing (inactive), while another 90,000 abandoned wells still await remediation and reclamation.

The fact is that inactive wells that have not been properly abandoned and reclaimed pose a significant environmental risk, including from methane emissions.  

But, that’s where we can help.

What We Can Do For You & Your Wells

  1. All your Pre-Abandonment Well Inspection, Testing & Reporting requirements:
    • Full well and surrounding area inspections – always following AER guidelines
    • Report on equipment status including any concerns or recommendations
    • Testing of the Surface Casing Vent for potential leaks/flows
    • Wellhead Seal Testing (and sealant pumping) services
    • A Summary Report to ensure your well is now AER-compliant and can be abandoned fully
  2. Simplifying your complete well abandonment planning for the year – ensuring both time & cost savings
  3. Most importantly, with decades of experience and expertise, ensure your peace of mind.

Saving You Time & Hundreds Of Thousands of Dollars!  

How? It’s simple…by using the industry’s best gas leak detection technologies, you benefit.

Because we know that one of the biggest factors that can cause a well abandonment’s costs to skyrocket is the time, equipment and labor it takes to identify the actual source of a leak.  

So, we ensure our comprehensive gas leak detection practices are second to none by: