Plunger Lift Equipment

We proudly offer a full line of Plunger Lift equipment and field services for liquid loading Gas wells or Gassy Oil wells that flow. From plunger lift designs to full plunger installs to replacement parts to systems and servicing – even for former Premier Integrated Technologies (P.I.T) designs – we are your Alberta-made, go-to plunger lift equipment experts.

Require Servicing?

We can service and repair almost all types of Plunger Lift equipment and regularly help clients find increased production for minimal costs.   Using our high-tech testing and analysis services, we can make recommendations for those changes needed to optimize each of your wells.

And because of our years of experience, we’ve seen for ourselves that preventative maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts is a key part of keeping your Plunger Lift operating costs low – so we are there with you every step of the way.


Our available plunger lift equipment and parts include:

Cleanout Plungers

Dual Pad Plungers

High-Impact Bottom Hole Springs

Various Bottom Hole Springs

Wide Variety of Plunger Lubricator Options*

*including former Premier Integrated Technologies types

Arrival Sensors & Controllers