Well & Field Services

Wherever you are, whatever your servicing needs, our experienced technicians are always there for you

We proudly offer well & field services from several bases in Alberta to better serve you and your unique needs:

With years of well and field experience and employing some of the best expert technicians in the industry, we offer an array of well optimization and field services, including:

  • Fluid Shots/Foam Depression Well Analysis Services
  • Well fluid level testing (JAWS II Fluid Level Machine)
  • Surface Casing Vent Tests & reporting
  • Automated AWS Pressure Equipment & Surveys plus Basic or Detailed Reservoir Analysis (i.e. skin damage, finding more oil/gas too!) – using our in-house Automated Fluid Level Machine
  • Segregation testing (for 2 zones separated by a packer)
  • Pumpjack dynamometer testing
  • Continuous Fluid Level and Pressure Monitoring devices: Proven FL2 w/ on demand data retrieval option using the Oil & Gas Industry’s ONLY proven remote communication Fluid Level system. This special proprietary Central Optimization system will save travel and mileage and reduce risks and hazards of road travel during the Build up or Fall-Off test
  • Stock Tank gas testing line for Single Well Battery
  • Plunger logging/analysis and well review – with expert recommendations
  • Plunger Lift Designs, Installs, Parts & Systems (proudly Alberta made!). Need Plunger Lift Servicing?

Did You Know?

  • Dynamometer testing on Pumpjacks can save you up to $60,000 per year, per well!
  • Using our JAWS II Automated Fluid Level Machine can save you money and reduce your well downtime
  • Our dynamic team is proudly made up of former P.I.T. leaders and technicians so you can be assured our servicing experience and expertise is second to none!