Remote Fluid Level & Surface Pressure Testing

Did you Know?

Central Optimization is the ONLY well service provider in Canada that can remotely monitor both your fluid levels and surface pressure together.

That’s right. With our very own proprietary remote technology, well monitoring is now faster, easier, and less invasive.

It’s also now much safer and can offers significant cost savings!

How exactly does it do that?

The 5 Benefits Of Remote Testing You Just Can’t Ignore 

1)  It’s Much Safer

We know the #1 category of incidents in our industry is transportation (i.e. getting to and from sites).  With remote testing, we are reducing the number of required visits to a site to record results.  

Quite simply, less travel = less accidents.

2)  It’s Up To 50% Faster

Well shut down times are now much shorter, averaging only 7-10 days vs the normal 14 days & up

Now, we need just 2 trips (7-10 days apart) to set up, take down & move to a new well.  Other methods require at least 4 trips to the well (every 3 days) to visit site and manage tests – that’s at least a 50% reduction in travel time!

3)  It’s Much Easier 

Eliminates the frequency of in-person visits to your remote well sites. Just think of the benefits of remote testing for a busy remote site like, for example, the Clearwater play.  It’s huge!  We receive downhole info at the surface, transmitted to our tracking software throughout the day. You then receive daily update reports.  It’s that simple. 

4)  It’s Significantly Less Invasive

Remote monitoring and reporting means reducing required in-person site visits.  Subsequent shorter well shut down times means significantly less impact on well production.

5)  It’s An Immense Cost Savings $$$

And best of all, if the above 4 benefits weren’t enough, there’s the significant cost savings

PLUS,  It Provides Better Data for You to Make Smarter Decisions: