Meet our Team

Devin Swanson

CET – Owner & President

Devin has over 25 years of direct Oilfield experience, almost all of it in oil & gas well production related work with an even split of field work and office/managerial leadership over this time. As a former farm kid, he wholeheartedly believes in always “getting it done” for his clients.

Devin spent several long years in colleges and universities in Alberta resulting in a very useful NAIT Petroleum Engineering Technologist diploma, AND a hard earned B.A. from U of Calgary in History (Canadian Military and Indigenous history focused). During his down time, Devin enjoys family time, camping, and travel.

Ed Rieberger

Owner/Vice President

Ed has 20 years oilfield experience, focused on Optimization of production and regulatory tests. Ed is an industry expert with the tools of Optimization from various digital gauges and loggers, remote communication devices, Dynamometers AND our very own JAWS II fluid level machine.

Ed is a dedicated family man and long time Legion member in Innisfail. Ed enjoys family time, camping and motorcycles.