JAWS II Fluid Level Machine

Our flagship product, the JAWS II Acoustic Fluid Level Instrument is a state-of-the-art acoustic fluid level machine.

Compact and portable, this easy-to-use tool is designed as a basic single shot Manual OR Auto fire instrument with automatic fluid depth determination – providing you with the key information you need for better decision making, resulting in safe increases in well production or optimizing existing production by reducing costs even further.

The JAWS II is CSA Approved (Class 1 Division 2),  lightweight and its excellent ambient temperature specifications allow for total portability and reliability under even the most adverse conditions worldwide.

Unparallelled Ease of Use

Obtaining single shot fluid level data is simply a matter of pressing one key on the digital recorder keypad.  Fluid level depth determination can be done one of two (2) ways:

  1. Recorder calculated depth (auto count) utilizing an average joint length and tubing depth entered by the user
  2. Caliper count – the user selects the collar spacing of the chart (built-in 11 point dividers) – this is especially useful when collars may be masked or the collar response is poor (ie surface noise or wax)

The pre-programmed function keys make manipulation of data simple.  The provided software has built-in, step-by-step instructions to ensure that all collected data is easily downloaded to the user’s computer.  Each fluid level can then be viewed or printed as an individual shot trace, fluid level report, or exported to a MS Excel spreadsheet – and conveniently the software can be used on most versions of Windows!

Product Resources & Documents

JAWS II Fluid Level Machine – Facts & Features (download)

JAWS II Fluid Level Machine – Quick User Manual (download)

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